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In our manufacturing facility in Hamburg we have been producing handcrafted wallpaper for over 20 years. 

Each wallpaper is unique and is made entirely by hand with the greatest possible care and is hand-painted.

Our love of detail and a passion for art in every single strip.

You can order the following standard sizes from our collection:


Width 106 cm

Length 300 cm


We can produce special dimensions for you at any time!


The result is wallpaper that imbues the room with soul through the authenticity of the artist.

This turns our unique items into luxury products that will enhance any environment.

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We guarantee true artistic craftsmanship.

Manufacturing facility

Expertise in handmade wallpaper for over 20 years.


Environmentally friendly raw materials and sustainable work are a matter of course for us.


Botho Woost, born in 1990, trained as a stage painter; his extensive experience in extremely innovative design work dates back to his childhood.

He is unusually keen to experiment, constantly discovering new materials and colours.

He sometimes mixes young, fresh designs with traditional patterns as well.

Botho does have a weakness though – he always delivers wallpaper of the highest quality.

He is also very happy to be the one to contact for new developments in wallpaper as part of room design concepts.


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This collection is offered together with our partner Marburg Architektur

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