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Instructions for hanging the wallpaper

You have purchased a high-quality product. Please follow the following instructions for hanging the wallpaper so that the product will attain the best possible appearance.


General information:

Our wallpaper is a handcrafted unique product. Material-related or craftsmanship effects are intentional. Irregularities in the colour and structure of the surface emphasize the character of this unique wallpaper.

We have applied a seal to the metallic surfaces in the studio. Due to the influence of the natural environment, however, changes in colour can occur over time due to oxidation. The fact that the wallpaper is composed of strips may also become evident. Neither of these is grounds for a complaint.


Please check the goods for defects before hanging. The resolution of complaints will only be made through the provision of replacement goods. Cut or already hung goods and the resulting consequential costs will not be reimbursed.


Only hang wallpaper rolls that have the same batch number.



The subsurface must be dry, smooth and uniformly neutral in colour, solid and absorbent as well as sufficiently flat. Smooth the wall by levelling rough and absorbent underlying surfaces with a plaster-based, plasticized filler. In order to achieve a colour-neutral background, affixing of Patent Vlies No. 9792 is necessary. Use Metylan NP Power Granulat plus, MT Exklusivkleister or Pufas safety glue as an adhesive. Coat the Patent Vlies with diluted paste and let it dry well before you hang wallpaper from HORUS.


For gluing HORUS, use a 100% dispersion adhesive with a neutral pH value (e.g. Metylan Ovalit TM)


Special instructions for gluing:

Before applying adhesive, observe the instructions for hanging the wallpaper, which are located on the back of the strips! These contain any necessary information on the sequence of the strips to be glued, inverted gluing or the direction of the wallpaper strip. If nothing is specified, determine the order in which you attach the wallpaper according to the conditions of the particular room.


Apply the adhesive with a short-pile roller evenly about 10 cm across the width of the strip and not too thickly on the wall. Place the strips vertically in the adhesive bed and press them down evenly with a clean foam rubber roller. Unless otherwise stated, the following strips will be hung end-to-end.

General instructions for hanging the wallpaper:

Cut off the excess length with a sharp knife along the wallpapering spatula or with wallpapering scissors. To do this, carefully press the wallpaper into the correct position with the wallpapering spatula. It is advisable to wrap the spatula with a clean cloth so as not to damage the surface of the wallpaper. If necessary, use wallpaper corner rails at the outer corners (e.g. PVC ones from Protektor + Dölken or metal ones from Küberit). The PVC corner rails can be painted in the basic shade of the wallpaper.

Escaping adhesive causes stains on the surface of the wallpaper and should therefore be avoided. If necessary, use a smooth, conical seam roller on the seam. Only work with light pressure. Avoid strong heating and draughts during the drying phase. The ideal conditions for wallpapering are 16-25 degrees Celsius and humidity of 30-60%. Temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius can lead to defects in the adhesive. Wear fabric gloves when putting on and pressing on the wallpaper to avoid staining and change the gloves immediately if they are dirty.




If the back of the wallpaper is briefly sprayed lightly with water before laying it on the wall (approx. 2-3 minutes), the heavy material is easier to glue.


The following properties apply to all HORUS wallpaper:

Do not use in damp rooms.

Natural materials can turn out slightly different.

Over time, slight oxidation cannot be ruled out.

Roll dimensions: 3.00 mx 1.06 m

Different units of measurement are possible on request.

Fire classes: C-sl (flame-retardant).

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